Ligitation - Raphaël Avocats
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The practice of litigation is indispensable to grasp risky situations and adapt the counsel given to clients; therefore, Raphaël Avocats handles all kinds of litigation related to employment law: Information and consultation procedures with the staff representative institutions: regular or occasional consultations, expert appraisals, WC budget, whistleblowing, obstruction of trade unions

  • Pre-litigation and litigation related to discrimination and harassment: assistance in litigation and relations with the Rights Defender (successor to the Anti-Discrimination Authority HALDE) and the Administration


  • URSSAF audits and litigation: advance preparation of the audit, response to the Administration’s observations, procedures at the Arbitration Board (CRA) and the Social Security Affairs Tribunal (TASS), work related to possible compliance/li>


  • Litigation related to elections and trade union appointments: representativity litigation
  • Individual litigation: litigation at the Industrial Tribunal, litigation over breach of: non-compete / non enticement to leave / non solicitation clauses, dismissal, reclassification of the contract, compensation


  • Litigation for work-related accidents and occupational diseases: litigation at the Social Security Affairs Tribunal (inexcusable conduct), representing clients at disability litigation courts (TCI, CNITAATT)


  • Criminal employment law litigation and other risky litigation: obstruction of Works Council, work-related accident and occupational disease (inexcusable conduct), disability, undeclared employment, work time, lump sum of days worked, manager’s criminal liability (chain of delegation of authority), moral or sexual harassment, unequal treatment