Night at the Museum - Raphaël Avocats
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Night at the Museum

Night at the Museum



8 october 2014

Raphaël Avocats hosted a private visit to the exceptional exhibition of paintings “Perugino, Master of Raphael”, at the Jacquemard-André Museum in Paris.

“Perugino, known for his influence on the young Raphael, was first and foremost an innovative painter whose fortune, widespread in all of Italy in the early 16th century, has found a special resonance in France up to the present. Considered by his contemporaries as one of the greatest painters in Italy, Perugino pioneered a new style of painting during the last decades of the 15th century and the first two of 16th century, which profoundly influenced the period. Perugino created and perfected an artistic language which the young Raphael then sensitively made his own, bringing it to a much wider audience.”