Philippe Rogez - Raphaël Avocats
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Philippe Rogez


Philippe Rogez, Partner,
Avocat au Barreau de Paris.

Lawyer, HR Expert

“At the end of the day, a lawyer is intrinsically an entrepreneur, and as such he accepts to rethink things. He/she is engaged in a permanent dialogue of trust with his contacts in the company (HR, Management, Legal). He/she must adjust to them, make innovative proposals and secure the situation they opt for. A lawyer should t ease the pressure, not complicate matters! At Raphaël Avocats, that is our commitment!”


Corporate Employment Law

Philippe Rogez focusses on collective law: collective negotiations, implementation of agreements, post-merger- absorption negotiations, drafting and implementation of restructuring plans…

Philippe Rogez has developed special expertise in schemes involving compensation, employee savings plans and international mobility (expatriation, status administration and departure procedures).

Philippe also manages high-risk litigation and criminal labour law. He knows how to assist companies in situations where tensions run high, and the law may appear contrary to business customs. He knows not only how to defend, but also to explain to a company the legal situation, and explain to the court the HR and management situation of the company.



Philippe Rogez assists French and international groups and their subsidiaries, as well as small and medium-sized companies (PME) and intermediate companies (ETI) in various economic sectors, including:

  • The banking sector (deposit banks, investment banks, credit institutions, funds, factoring and leasing agencies…)
  • Insurance companies
  • Logistics
  • Industry (plastics, construction, automobile, security,…)


A penchant for:

“A penchant for plans, collective agreements, a merger, an absorption… : these cases are often complex because they are lengthy, broad-based, affecting different company interests, etc. What we can contribute: we are familiar with such situations and know how to innovate, that is, how to find the specific right solution.”



  • Partner of Raphaël Avocats in 2012
  • Helped create Raphaël Avocats in 2008
  • Associate of the Flichy Avocats law firm as of 2003



  • DESS in Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Means of Settling Disputes (Université Paris-II Panthéon Assas), alumnus of King’s College (LLM-University of London)
  • LL.M, King’s College (University of London).


Working languages: French, English