Commitment - Raphaël Avocats
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The privileged relation our lawyers develop with their partners ensures a precise, rapid understanding of the situation.

Raphaël Avocats works closely with clients on the day-to-day management of their employment relations and advises them on drafting and implementing their projects in France or abroad.

The lawyers in our firm interact with the team and the management of the company they assist.

The privileged relation our lawyers develop with their interlocutors ensures a precise and rapid understanding of the situation.

Raphaël Avocats has developed in-depth knowledge of many economic sectors, both in industry (chemistry, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, automobile, etc.) and in services (data processing, advertisement, etc.). Through its daily practice in the banking and financial sector, Raphaël Avocats has become a privileged, recognised partner of the players in this sector.



The lawyers in our firm are available at all times to respond to their clients’ needs. They are always willing to reshuffle their agendas to accommodate their clients and find appropriate solutions to whatever problem comes up, including on an emergency basis.



Raphaël Avocats is organised to guarantee the personal involvement of the lawyers, partners and associates in every dossier. Our clients’ dossiers are systematically managed by a partner (or several

depending on the issue involved) and one or more associates. Our clients are ensured dedicated and seasoned interlocutors from beginning to end; clients at Raphaël Avocats are not handled by trainees.



Raphaël Avocats works in close collaboration with its partners (DRH, DRS, DJ, DG), taking into account their specific characteristics, corporate culture and constraints, to work out and recommend concrete legal solutions best adapted to their reality.

Raphaël Avocats spearheads proposals and works out innovative, inventive and secure solutions.