Efficiency - Raphaël Avocats
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The efficiency of Raphaël Avocats is intimately linked to the demands it sets for itself:

Legal rigor


The firm’s methodology imposes not only precise knowledge of the subject, but also a thorough, systematic verification of the positive law applicable.

On-the-ground knowledge


Raphaël Avocats’ hands-on experience of employment relations and its players allows the firm to grasp the situation rapidly and to anticipate future developments:

  • Staff representatives and trade-union organisations
  • Experts mandated by staff representative bodies
  • Labour authorities: Labour inspection, DIRRECTE, Labour and Employment Ministry
  • Occupational medicine services
  • Courts: (Labour Tribunal, Appeal Court, Small claims court (TI), High court (TGI), Criminal court, Social Security court, Disability-related courts.

Anticipation and pragmatism


Raphaël Avocats designs solutions combining technical rigor and creativity, while being mindful of the need to anticipate litigation. Should it prove impossible to avoid, Raphaël Avocats represents its clients in all French courts in litigation involving employment law and/or social security.


Raphaël Avocats is regularly consulted upstream and together with the management team takes part in the decision-making process and the means to implement it. By participating in the deliberative process, the firm is able to develop a forward-looking strategy.