Supporting changes in the company - Raphaël Avocats
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Supporting changes in the company

A company is not a fixed entity in a static environment; therefore, Raphaël Avocats offers its clients all the firm’s know-how to support them in any and all changes with efficiency and in full legal security.

Raphaël Avocats assists its clients in carrying out these changes, in particular:


  • Collective negotiations: Job preservation schemes / voluntary departure schemes under the Employment Saving Law (LSE), GPEC agreements (employment and qualifications), statutory annual negotiations, labour-management agreements on redundancy procedures, revision procedures, etc, gender equality, trade union rights, etc.


  • Redundancy schemes / voluntary departure schemes: drafting economic documents (Livre II) to be presented to staff representative bodies, draft agreements on Redundancy schemes / voluntary departure schemes, drafting information documents (Livre I) on measures of support, assistance during the negotiations, expertise and relations with the DIRRECTE authorities. .
  • Mergers, acquisitions, transfers, outsourcing of business, concentration, etc.: audits prior to the event (employment-related due diligence), assessment of the impact of the change on staff representative bodies, unilateral practices and commitments as well as the collective legal status (challenge, negotiation of a substitute or adapted agreement, issues of individual benefits accrued and of equal treatment, particular aspects of profit-sharing agreements)


  • Reduction and scheduling of work time: audit of the current organisation, termination of the existing scheme, drafting a new agreement and following up the negotiation (35 hour week, modulation, lump sum of work days, shift work, night work, work on Sunday)e)


  • Compensation policies: auditing compensation schemes, setting up profit-sharing and employee savings schemes (PEE, PEI, Perco), drafting variable compensation clauses