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Our expertise

Raphaël Avocats advises and assists companies on a daily basis in all areas of employment law, to work out operational solutions corresponding to the companies’ needs, visions and strategies. Raphaël Avocats also intervenes during changes in the company, putting the firm’s imagination and pragmatism in the service of the company. Reactive and combative, Raphaël Avocats manages crisis situations and the most complex litigation.

Corporate Employment Law on a daily basis

A company is confronted every day with the technical aspects of employment law; therefore, Raphaël Avocats proposes all areas of its expertise, as a true partner of the management and the human resources department.

Supporting changes in the company

A company is not a fixed entity in a static environment; therefore, Raphaël Avocats offers its clients all the firm’s know-how to support them in any and all changes with efficiency and in full legal security.


The practice of litigation is indispensable to grasp risky situations and adapt the counsel given to clients; therefore, Raphaël Avocats handles all kinds of litigation.

Our clients

Raphaël Avocats advises and assists companies, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to French and international groups, ranging from family enterprises to intermediate-sized companies and listed companies.


Our cases

Acquisition or transfer audits

Audit, counsel, transfer

Reorganisation of HR, Job preservation scheme followed by a merger

Social reorganisation, Job preservation scheme, Litigation

Social reorganisation, Job preservation scheme, Closure of sites

Social reorganisation. Job preservation scheme

HR Management, GPEC, counsel

HR Management, compensation, counsel, litigation

Our Team

Since its founding in 2008, Raphaël Avocats has chosen to work side by side with companies, assisting them in all the issues related to employment law they face.

Raphaël Avocats’ practice is based on deep-rooted values and on a small, cohesive team.

Isabelle Ayache-Revah

Isabelle Ayache-Revah has developed special expertise in the implementation of major changes in companies (reorganisation, restructuring, dismissal schemes) as well as in collective litigation involving high strategic, financial and image-related concerns and in high-risk litigations (discrimination, harassment, compensation…) or litigation pursuant to reorganisations.

Marion Ayadi

Marion Ayadi assists companies in the day-to-day management of their individual work relations (contractual, disciplinary,… aspects) and collective work relations, both in counsel and litigation.

Philippe Rogez

Philippe Rogez focusses on collective law: collective negotiations, implementation of agreements, post-merger- absorption negotiations, drafting and implementation of restructuring plans…

Olivia du Jonchay
Of counsel

Olivia du Jonchay has developed a special expertise in complex individual and collective litigation, which she practices, as do all the lawyers at Raphaël, with combativeness and tenacity.


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Address :

Raphaël Avocats

13 rue du Docteur Lancereaux

75008 Paris


Phone Number

Tél. : +33 (0)1 53 83 08 08

Fax : +33 (0)1 53 83 08 07

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